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350 MAG 1995–1997 0F353691 0K012110 Carbureted Thunderbolt 3 350 MAG EFI 1996–1997 0F800500 0K001509 TBI MEFI 1 & 2 4 350 MAG MPI 1995‑1998 0F415189 0L339999 MPI MEFI 1 & 2 4 350 MAG MPI 1999–2001 0L340000 0M299999 MPI MEFI 3 4–5 350 MAG MPI MCM 2001–current 0M300000 Current MPI ECM 555 6 hi i have an 1987 355 tpi and i cant ajust the idle. The only IAC that I found where they mention a setting is the flange mount style that is used on the larger engines (larger than a 350). If I roll the rpm down towards idle in gear it generally doesn't t try to stall, but if I drop it out of gear to coast up to a stop sign, it will often stumble very low and choppily recover, or will just go ahead & stall. The car doesn't increase idle at startup or the normal idle increases. My 57 Chevy with a 89' 350 TBI is having an idle issue. This is a stock 350 crate engine with stock heads, and cam, it has the old school chevy close exhaust manifolds, ran true dual, with the O2 sensor on drivers side about 2" below manifold flange, it was supposedly new, but what I am reading says it shouldn't cause this problem anyways. Best Answer: maybe the coil is getting weak. Bad TPS? 1991 chevy 350 TBI Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Noah_Seward, Oct 20, 2012. Hey guys, So I've got more issues with my blazer lately I was getting some high idle, some stutter under load, and a code 35 (IAC problem or idle error). no change in idle. 7L). Remove the TBI from the AutoZone Repair Guide for your Fuel System Throttle Body Fuel Injection (tbi) System Idle Air Control (iac) Valve Find CHEVROLET 5. So far he's replaced the cap and rotor, coil, idle air control solenoid and the low pressure fuel pump . 7L TBI, I've replaced the Timing Chain & Gears, IAC valve, TPS, MAP, EGR & Solenoid, ES Module & Knock Sensor, ECS, Ignition Module, Plugs & Wires, Dist. The idle rpm is programmed into the PROM. IAC valve (2 years ago Tim) Replace fuel injectors, clean TBI, reinstall TBI. code 12 and 45 are present still have no clue of why it floods right off idle but runs fine at any other throttle angle# I have a 1990 chevy conversion van,350 tbi,no problem in 5 yrs I've had it . My 350 mag idles and runs perfectly. The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) will be required to reset the Idel Air Control (IAC) once the vehicle is over 35 MPH. Just low idle at 400rpm and has a slight stutter. How to Reset the Baseline Idle in a GM TBI throttle plate is calibrated to allow enough air to pass by it for the engine to run at base idle speed. Here I will try and address the common misconceptions and frequently asked questions in regards to upgrading to TBI (Throttle Body Injection) for your AMC 360/401 motor. The IAC valve position is referred to as IAC counts. Rebuild alternator, reinstall, replace connectors. CompCam(306), Mac Headers (mid length), BBK 52 mm Throttle Body, Ram Air Power Hood, Accel 26 lb injectors, Aeromotive adjustable Fuel pressure regulator, Holley high pressure fuel pump, 2 chamber Flowmaster, 373's and a custom dyno tune. 1985-92 TPI Set Timing and Idle Procedure: SET TIMING 1 Use standard, accepted procedure to confirm Top Dead Center (TDC) of #1 piston agrees with 0 on timing mark. 1989 c1500 fast idle C/K Car Forums . When i start it it idles up and down when it is from a cold start that eventually smooths out and once it heats up and you shut it off and try to start it back up you have to hold the pedal clear to the floor in order to start it. Idle speed is now once again governed by the ECM, but your idle should be smooth and steady, approximately 600 rpm in Drive (for unmodified cars). i,am thinking it might be a vacuum leak. 7 MPI - Check Engine Code Reset Below is some information about Sticky and non sticky faults. 1989 chevy c1500 305 tbi has high idle around 2000rpm? I thought it was the idle air control motor as it was on others ive owned but not this one and how do i extract any codes without purchasing a diagnostic tool that cost plenty ? Thought you could cross two wires with a pin or clip and read the number of flashes on check engine light??? Help Long story short. 2. 7 Idle surging,stalling in the alt. if its a 350 tbi then it could be the idle air control sensor the Idle on fords are controled by an idle air control motor located on the intake plemnum. 3. A key switch cycle is required to reset a Sticky My 1990 GMC 1500 with an automatic 5. Symptoms of a BAD Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Engine idle speed is the revolution speed of the engine when the throttle is inactive. In most cases the IAC (Idle Air Control) circuit is the source of the whistle. $800 is a lot of money you can buy the hole conversion from Holley online for $1000,check the TPS,coolent temp sensor and the map sensor,will it run below a 1000 just rough maybe a ingnition related ,check the voltage to the IAC valve Serenity 07 246 WA 5. CHEVYTHUNDER. gearhead-efi. My 350 TBI™ had the square plug . Okay it is just me again i was having a problem with my 1992 chevy 350 throttle body. . 3L, 5. 3 Start and idle the engine until coolant reaches normal operating temperature. New Idle Air Control Valve IAC Sensor Connector, 85-92 Camaro Firebird TPI TBI 305/350. They have an ECM not PCM. It reved up to 1500 and stayed there with no surge. A scan tool will read the ECM commands to the IAC valve in counts. if the IAC is bad then it should throw a code. All faults are classified as either Sticky or non-Sticky. effects trans lockup and jolts truck. It is at mechanics now and they cannot figure it out. Write Review. Surging idle can be caused by a number of different problems. 350 5. when the engine is cold spray starting fluid around all vacuum fittings and the intake gasket. This sets the 0 reference. If your motor starts to idle at 650-700 rpm or so, the IAC motor should be working correctly. Using a wrench, remove the IAC valve by turning it counter-clockwise (loosen) and remove the valve. AutoZone Repair Guide for your Fuel System Throttle Body Fuel Injection (tbi) System Idle Air Control (iac) Valve reset the idle speed when the vehicle is driven GM TBI IAC- How to test if it is Faulty? I rebuilt my TBI recently and once I started it and set the timing (ESC unplugged timing set to 0 degrees) the idle was at 1700 RPM. If you set an SES light by having the IAC disconnected, then after shutting down the engine disconnect the negative battery terminal. IAC was replaced when I cleaned the throttle body, swapping the old one back didn't change anything. For whatever reason you have determined that you need to adjust your base idle on your GM TBI vehicle. IAC Steps: Turn the driver’s side throttle adjustment screw IN (clockwise) half a turn to start with, with that done turn the key on and go to dashboard and find TPS and make sure it reads zero. 4. It has flat top pistons running about 9. so I rebuilt the throttle body did the mod of grinding down the whatever tabs for more airflow. MY 1992 GMC TBI 5. This page is for the small tips and tricks that will make for installing and maintaining your TPI more enjoyable. The Corvettes did not have larger injectors, as people often believe. Alot of people suggest running 305 injectors on a 350 by raising the fuel pressure (this requires an adjustable regulator). (BTW it ran great with the blown out valve) The block off plates are cheap enough and if i can eliminate one more thing robbing me of power the better i feel. My friend has a 2006 Pleasureceraft 5. the problem is that when the if i adjust it buy the idle screw the computer sets it back to 500rpm. O yeah and 35 inch tires. or you could try and run a test on the fuel pump. Turn the ignition on, but do not start the engine. here,s something you could try. Trouble is, not all dealers have the equipment to read them. After 2 years and having the burb at 2 different shops with no result to the surging idle, I stumbled upon the answer at a Ford site. I am sure your first thoughts are that I have a vacuum leak. Check voltage- ok. When the engine is shut off, the IAC will go fully closed and then open to a pre-determined amount of count steps to prepare the TBI for the next engine start-up. Then unplug the IAC valve electrical connection. The IAC reset is part of the initial setup procedures but you have to connect pin A/B of the aldl then it drives the IAC closed. trucks. This is done through the vehicle’s computer system and then sends the information to the components. 7 tbi. Compression check- all cylinders between 180-185 psi. 5L Page 4-11 In my 89 TBI 350 I can drive beautiful for 30 minutes, then after a few stop and goes, the idle drops and it almost stalls- then the idle goes high, drops low then stalls. Found a guy who was fast on the computer search engine and started looking at every Ford IAC they had. Easy to use parts catalog. the is a manuel adjustment screw an the throddle linkage but it requires special tools or if you have "How to adjust IAC & TPS" On Merc EFI If your engine surges, does not immediately follow the throttle movement, dies when put in gear or runs up when taken out of gear- then you probably have either a TPS or IAC sensor to be tested & or adjusted. But hardly anyone references the butterfly on the TBI unit not being adjusted right. Product Reviews. I has so far replaced distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, cts, iac, o2 sensor, map sensor and tps. COM CHEVROLET CROSS-FIRE INJECTION 1982-1984 Model 400 TBI. Returning the ECM to its factory state may be necessary to troubleshoot or resolve a number of problems. I believe I tracted it down to the IAC but need to confirm as it is a new IAC valve. Cycle ignition switch from OFF to RUN three times within five seconds until the door locks and the hatch release cycle, indicating the Body Control Module is in the Programming Mode. How to Check an Idle Air Control Valve Idle air control (IAC) valves regulate the engine idle speed. This situation is getting better all the time, particularly with the introduction of less-expensive systems that are used in conjunction with a laptop. ) Since this isn't a consistent issue with all Snipers that tells me that different IAC settings tend to make the whistle. cleaned re assembled I need help with a 1993 gmc 5. The wiring diagram will be need to fit a junk yard system on another vehicle. Before performing this check there should be no codes displayed, idle air control system has been checked and ignition timing correct. you could hook up a vacuum tester to the intake and see what it reads. New IAC valves have been reset at the factory and should be installed in the throttle bodyin an "as is" condition, My 57 Chevy with a 89' 350 TBI is having an idle issue. '91 Chevy 350 TBI surging at idle and stumbling at speed Howdy - My father in law's '91 Chevy was running poorly, so we put new plugs, wires, cap and rotor on it, and it's running better, but it it still surging at idle. GM TBI on an AMC 360/401 motor FAQ. I'm getting 52 ohms through A to B and C to D on the IAC. Consult a service manual or see below for any check engine light code definitions. Jump the A and B terminal in the ALDL connector. If you do not use a VSS then the computer will set code 24. Help Page1 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, General Chevy Technical Discussion, and Chevrolet Tech topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. Here's the deal: 1. " If turning the ignition on causes IAC to engage plunger fully forward, then there is no purpose in doing what he is suggesting. 350 TBI won't start when timing bypass is disconnected / unplugged Also, you can reset your IDLE air control valve or just take it off and clean it, if its out of this is not the vehicle in my signature. The Cross Fire Injection albeit as short lived as it was, was considered to be "cutting edge" when it was introduced in the fall of 1981 for the 1982 model years. Hello all, hope i can get some answers. 7L/350 Standard Motor Idle Air Control (IAC) Valves and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Standard Motor Products replacement idle air control valves help you get maximum fuel efficiency and powe I have a 91 Silverado K1500 4x4, 5. 1987 chevy truck 350 tbi stumbles sometime will die right off idle. Well I did the ole trick of spraying carb cleaner on the base of the tbi, on all the vacuum hoses leading to the tbi. 2 to 1 com This should slow the engine down. While driving if you. chevy forum at Car Dealer Forums; Truck runs great, but recently when the engine comes off the enriching circuit. 7L V8 Manual). 86 chevy with a 350 tbi to 454 tbi from a 95 chevy. So I looked around for some vacuum leaks, but I had been working on finding and fixing all leaks for the past 6 months or so. I would really like to increase the power in my truck. IAC, EGR, EGR controller, MAP, temp sensor, vacuum leaks, O2 etc. <c> Ok here is my issue I have a 1993 k1500 with a 5. Seems to be running better with the exception of starting out in 2nd ('71 Blazer 350 5. It frequently dies when I give it gas starting out. Does the EFI 302ci have a fast idle vavle or is it just handled by the idle air control valve? Any suggestions on where to start? RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. With the IAC valve connected, ground the diagnostic terminal of the ALDL connector. - Ok, so i have a 93 gmc suburban. Disassemble ground from battery to ground post to bus bar, drive trim pump- clean add dielectric Okay it is just me again i was having a problem with my 1992 chevy 350 throttle body. It cuts out the motor, I checked for vacuum leaks and none appeared. sometimes would stall when stopping/turning into drive way. 7 IDLE PROBLEM Page1 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, General Chevy Technical Discussion, and Chevrolet Tech topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. I can watch the voltage drop as the idle drops, then the gauge goes back to normal voltage as the loping idle hits its high point. While i was driving the iac was showing 150 at cruzing speed and 0-12 at a stop sign or red light. Smoke top of engine- no vacuum leaks found. for a GM TBI application to read the data, or to check for stored codes. If you have access to a scan tool use a hook up for a 1990 350 cu. but it runs great when accelerating or about 60mph and faster almost like nothing is wrong with it. To decrease rpm it moves the IAC valve in to reduce air past the throttle plate. Removing Idle Stop Cap from a GM TBI and Adjusting the Idle Set Screw. 2 Disconnect Timing Jumper at distributor (Tan wire with Black stripe). the passage behind the right hand throttle body mounting bolt goes down to the end of the idle air control valve pintle. 96 Pontiac TA (6 speed). There was a trouble code 32 and code 42- EGR and Timing ignition. I want to add bolt on power and a new TBI or a carburator. What Tools do I need?. its a T15 under a seal on the front. It's putting a strain on the electrics when it surges up/down. The truck has full power while driving. This can be done, but barely anyone does it properly. It seems a little bit sluggish for a stock 350. also we discovered a fuel leak under the truck on one of the lines. Scan tool data indicating “0” IAC counts means the IAC valve is fully extended (shutting off idle airflow to the engine); and “255” IAC counts means the IAC valve is fully retracted, allowing as much air to enter the engine via the throttle bypass passage as possible. Some have suggested the gasket might cause it but I've never heard of anyone fixing the whistle by adjusting the gasket (and many have tried. Chevy 350. then when you open it the IAC goes to 145 for park position. Generic TBI Fuel Injection Block Diagram & Acronyms Individual Components and Their Function We have covered <c> the block diagram and acronyms and are now ready to take a look at the <c> function of the individual components, and some general information about them, and how to procure them. All 305 TPI engines used 19 lb injectors, and all 350 TPI engines used 22 lb injectors. you may have to adjust the idle stop screw. Removing Idle Stop Cap from a GM TBI and Adjusting the Idle Set Screw For whatever reason you have determined that you need to adjust your base idle on your GM TBI vehicle. When vacuum applied to map sensor the engine dies. Then shut the engine off long enough for the TPS to reset. To increase idle rpm the ECM moves the IAC valve out allowing more air to pass by the throttle plate. Idle adjustment 5. 7L Chevrolet truck. I have a 1993 chevy silverado. Vehicle: 1994 Full-Size Blazer 350 tbi. Now I went to Advanced Auto. not too sure how to adjust it. 0, i have a 5. Wait 5 minutes. com has a wealth of information RE GM TBI systems. It will be right in front of the Throttle linkage. put three tps sensors in it and rebuilt throttle body. All backup systems Programming procedure: Turn ignition switch to OFF position. 1989 WIRING DIAGRAMS R-V, P TRUCK MODELS When reference is made in this manual to a brand name, number, or specific tool, an equivalent product may be used in place of the recommended item All information, illustrations, and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product it should have an idle air control valve. I have a 350 TBI. www. A: Newer EFI-equipped engines such as yours do store fault codes that can be read later. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next I changed the IAC, set the timing, new plugs Re-connect the connector onto the IAC. 94 5. Setting Minimum Air Idle Speed Serpentine Belt Adjustment Check TPI Manifold Tightening S equence Setting TPS idle voltage Fuel Filter information I did the procedure to reset the IAC motor on my TBI-350 and found a clicking noise I'm not sure is supposed to be there. This system is based on the Production GM (Chevrolet) throttle body fuel injection system and electronics used from 1987 to 1991, on 305, 350, and 454 engines. in. INSTALLATION OF PRODUCTION GM AND 670 CFM 2 BARREL THROTTLE BODY FUEL INJECTION KITS ON FORMERLY CARBURETED ENGINES. Sticky means that the fault, once set, will continue to show up as active, even if the circuit or problem has corrected itself. 7, but you need to unplug the electric spark timing advance wire to get an accurate timing reading. Wait for 30 seconds then disconnect the IAC wiring connector how can they spark if you've disconnected them from the battery There's nothing you can "reach down and reset" you can pull the ECM Fuse and wait an hour, but it's quicker (and you SHOULD clean the terminals while you've got them disconnected) Reset Idle Learn = The Idle Air Learning can be reset to a default value (16 steps) – by setting this control value to 1, and turning the key off and waiting for the system to completely power down. The way to tell if the motor is working is to reset the IAC valve (touch one battery cable to the other to short out the ECM's memory), then watch it closely on start up to see if the IAC motor moves to a correct location to control the idle. or the base of the tbi is leaking. Do it yourself information page. if you hook up the map sensor it starts hunting then stalls. Write Your Own Review. 6 of the wires will be needed for the ALDL. Restarting the engine should reveal an increase in the IAC steps to perhaps around 8-10. It flacuates between 350 and 1000 rpm. 7 tbi? You have to locate the plug on the right front of the TBI when facing the engine. 5. when you hit the brakes. You can use a late 80’s or early 90’s GM TBI definition. It takes forever to start which it never did with the carb. After disassembling my tbi on my 99 tbi 350. I can try and put up a few screen shots of my data log when i get home from work Now i did have to wire the 4 pin flat plug to work woth the new TBI™. Wait at least 30 seconds to allow the IAC valve pintle to extend and seat in the throttle body. stuff a shop rag into that cavity to block any air flow. 7L 350 TBI (Rear 2WD) is stalling and/or having very rough "chugging" and power surges during very low rpms RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Discuss 1990 TBI 5. You can pull the wires from I don't think that applies to an 89 TBI. Timing is set at 0, Has new IAC valve. I just put a new engine in. sounds like 350 TBI Pumping Way Too Much Fuel. the car idles fine cold,but when it warms up it drops to 500 rpm than the computer makes it serge to 600-400 rmp than stalls. TPS or the IAC. The IAC (Idle IAC counts are how the ECM knows where the position of the stepper motor is, in relation to fully closed or fully open. If you’ve replaced your Ford electronic throttle body or you’ve disconnected the battery, you must do a Ford throttle body relearn to establish a new baseline idle. and there was a hissing noise coming from TBI. before I did anything the truck would idle but when placed in gear would stall most times unless I blip the throttle. In most cases this is only done if you have modified the internals of your engine or you have swapped a larger throttle body onto your vehicle. It actually will not start unless I crack the throttle. Remove RADIO fuse 17 from fuse block. Is it possible to block off EGR on TBI 350 with out sending the ECM into stupid mode? My valve and solenoid are both shot and it seemed to run like crap when it worked. 7 tbi when at idle it has a low to the idle. Friends, I am desperate, I tried everything I know and more but I cannot find a solution to my Loping idle and surging acceleration on my '90 Sierra C1500, 5. let of ga ATK HP31 Chevy 350 87-95 TBI Base Engine 290HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist LT1 Camaro Corvette IAC Idle Air Control Valve Adapter Wire Harness TBI 454 350 See more like this Idle Air Control Valve G365JY for Impala Camaro Lumina Monte Carlo 2001 1995 (Fits: 1997 Camaro) IMPORTANT --- Review Fitment Notes to Ensure Proper Fit 89 350 TBI computer programming ? Welcome to Club Hot Rod! The premier site for everything to do with Hot Rod, Customs, Low Riders, Rat Rods, and more. 7 EFI Crusader The two things you need to adjust are as follows. The job of an idle air control valve is to regulate the car’s idle based on how much air gets into the engine. There are only 20 wires need in the TBI system. Every Chevrolet truck has an engine control module that manages the electronic components of the engine and monitors sensors for errors. Soon I found an exact match! My mercruiser 350 mag mpi uses an IAC made by Ford for their 2002 Ford Windstar! I purchased it and installed it last night. Idle Air Control Valve For:Acura RSX Type-S Low idle slight stutter 23 Answers. So I reset IAC/Wizard. Ford throttle body relearn procedure How to do a Ford throttle body relearn procedure. 7L tbi. Start engine. If the IAC steps are more than this, you will need to turn the curb idle speed screw in slightly and then repeat the shut-down procedure. Circuit Descriptions of the GM TPS Sensor. Hi Guys. I have a 1993 Chevy silverado 2500 ext cab short bed 4X4 with 148k on the motor. i'm not saure on the timing specs for the 5. The procedures to check the idle air control system can be found in the Light Duty Truck Fuel and Emissions service manual at the following locations: All Truck Engines Except 2. 7 tbI I have replaced every sensor on motor had igniton timing redone. see what the idle speed is then. The IAC motor can get dirty and sticky from dirt & carbon You may find it necessary to remove the air intake snorkel assembly (don’t forget the MAF connector if equipped) as well as the breather and surrounding vacuum lines to the throttle body, to gain better access to the IAC valve. This can be done if the IAC learned incorrect values from an improper throttle adjustment, or other situation that caused the learning to be wrong. Idle Valve Reset Procedure. When fitting a new idle valve, ensure that the internal throttle housing is cleaned well. 7L 350, TBI, Auto, 220Kmiles Its been a great truck, for the most part it runs and drives great! but at low idle or low rpm's it missis,sputters,surges and if im just barely giving it any gas it almost wants to stall out. Turn ignition on, but don't start the motor. 0L, 5. its a bone stock 92 full size blazer(2 door Tahoe) 350 tbi. Setting IAC (Idle air control) valve I saw this video , and wonder about his words of "wisdom. Fords are 2 wire. They are knowledgeable and friendly. In addition, he rebuilt the throttle body checked the plugs / wires and spark which all looks good and tested the throttle position sensor and coolant temp sensor which both test good. I'm approximately 2-4% IAC idling at 800 rpm, with a Comp XE274 cam in a Vortec headed 350, my car is also a manual trans. Cap & Rotor & Fuel Filter. Page 1 of 4: How to Test the Throttle Position Sensor (GM 4. This will send a password reset to your email address on file. The only things mentioned, for the screw-in mount IAC valve, in any manuals that I have is to push the pintle in so that it doesn't hit the seat when you install it. 7 TBI that won't idle . Re: Mercruiser 5. got off hwy few eeks ago engine bogged down,kept stalling,I got stuck and was able to get it moving,running very rough 11 hours later. I have a high idle. 350 tbi iac reset

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