Stars Custom Chandelier


Stars chandelier, we custom design this chandelier in different size, style and quantity stars. The show price is for a chandelier with 12 tin plate stars and 40in total height. (4) 11in,  (4) 12in, (4) 16in

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Stars chandelier, this is a custom chandelier, this chandelier can vary in size or stars styles. The picture is a chandelier with tin plate stars. The price vary depending the model and size, if you are interest to custom design please contact us by email and we are happy to help you, we can do any modifications depending your needs. The chandelier come wired and ready to hang on your ceiling to enhance its beauty and finish your room with elegance. Price is depending all its features. Please send us an email with all your questions and ideas. 


  • Wired 
  • Stars,
  • Ready to install


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