El Callejon Art was founded by Anabel Garcia Avitia and sprang from her love of Mexican handcrafts. Based in Southern California, El Callejon Art embraces the connection to Mexican culture and heritage. Mexican handicrafts are one of the most beautiful forms of art expression. Each region has a distinctive style, which is evident in the work of these individual artisans.

El Callejon Art selects art pieces that are not only beautiful, but also play a part in preserving our environment. Many of the primary materials are recycled metal  or what some have called “junk”  that has been manually transformed into a piece of unique art by a skilled artisan.

The customers of El Callejon Art can proudly display hand-crafted pieces made from recycled wrought iron, tinplate, and other materials. These lovely pieces of art do more than accent living spaces. Purchases from El Callejon Art directly support local Mexican artisans and helps foster Mexican culture and heritage.

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