Custom Designs

At “El Callejon Art”, we work directly with a workshop in Mexico, there craftsmen can make special designs using materials such as wrought iron, punched tin, blown glass, glass, hand made jute and wood. The artisans are able to build a unique piece using a drawing, photo or idea that our customers have.

Unique Custom Designs

Below are some examples of a custom design orders, our customer choose a design from a drawing or a picture. Left images are examples of pictures or drawings of our customers they send us by email. Right images are the pieces that our artisan handcraft with our customer requirements.

custom design


First example is for a client fixtures that was broken and ask us for repair the glass. The artisan replace the blown glass and retouch the paint.

Second picture is for another client who ask  to replace the glass of they fixtures using crackle blown glass.


Special and unique fixtures

At “El Callejon Art” were could make custom modifications to our handcrafts to adapt the requirements of our clients, example change size of our handcrafts , finish in different paint color (black, dark brown), wiring requirements, especial blown glass colors like red and orange and different punched tin patterns.

On the next  picture our client ask for a custom made confetti glass shades to replace their originals shades .

IMG_0135 (1)

 Our next example is a custom order for a client  who want a ceiling base to hang 3 of our “Reyna Large” lightings. 
The last pictures is a custom made “reyna-small”  we change to black iron finish and remove the curly part of the original fixture.


How to order

To order please send us an email to with your inquiries or questions, we are very happy to help you.