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Beautiful Bronze Punched Tin Stars Table Set of 3 sizes: 14 in, 11 in, 9 in


Introducing our stunning Mexican bronze punched tin star table set lanterns with tea candle holders. These stars come in three sizes, with diameters of 14 inches, 11 inches, and 9 inches.


Bronze Punched Tin Stars Table Set

Introducing our set of 3 bronze tin star table lanterns with tea candle holders. The stars have diameters of 14″, 11″, and 9″. This collection is a perfect addition to add warmth to your decor. These authentic bronze tin star lanterns were meticulously handcrafted and punched by skilled artisans in Mexico. They beautifully complement any rustic style, including Spanish colonial, southwest, Tuscan, or Santa Fe.

Please note that as each rustic star fixture is individually crafted, there may be slight variations in color and finish from what is pictured here.

14″ Large star
11″ Medium star
9″ Small star
1 1/2″ Diameter candle holder

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