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Talavera Carlota Clock – 30cm


Mexican Talavera Carlota Clock – 30cm these beautifully handcrafted Talavera clock by Pedro Tecayehuatl is original design from the “Talateca” workshopin the Puebla state, each clock is hand-painted by artisan from the Puebla region. Custom ┬ádesigns and sizes are available by request.


Mexican Talavera “Carlota” clock is a unique and exclusive design from the artisan Pedro Tecayehuetl. The workshop “Talateca” makes each Talavera product with the same technique that used through the years, the paint used also are prepared in traditional way with minerals lead free from the region, artisans hand-paint each Talavera clock. They have hundreds of different patterns, same designs are in pots, cups, vases, and all the pieces of crockery. These beautifully handcrafted Mexican Talavera clocks will make a vibrant and culturally addition to any space in your home. As we work directly with the workshop custom designs and sizes are available by request.

30cm Diameter

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